Environmental Services

Out of Site, Out of Mind: Comprehensive Environmental Clean-up & Compliance Services 

Gemstar is a powerful ally to have on your side when it comes to environmental safety issues that can cause a project or business to grind to a halt while incurring runaway costs. From red tape to surprise excavations or accidents to getting the needed green light, we can expedite your way through any process, condition, or occurrence that might otherwise cause undue delay or expense.

Our team has the up-to-date knowledge and three decades’ experience assessing, advising, addressing, remediating and maintaining environmental safety and standards for construction and demolition projects; industrial properties; and for service stations and others where maintaining safe, clean petroleum storage and quality are paramount.

Above and beyond, Gemstar has the equipment and experts in-house and on-call to respond quickly and effectively to unanticipated hazards, spills, leaks, or other contamination issues that might arise to disrupt a project or day of business.

Environmental Services Include:

  • Compliance Testing & Inspections
  • Closure Reports
  • Soil Remediation
  • Waste Management
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Fueling Filtering
  • Emergency Spill Response